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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2007 7:00 pm 

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epsilon75 wrote:
The Greatest of ALL time :shock: :roll: :oops:

Yup, can't put it better.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 2:03 am 
epsilon75 wrote:
24db wrote:
Meanwhile...in Paris

Tangerine Dream
PARIS 22.11.76

T-DREAM had no support and so they started cold, but soon as the lights dimmed the Palais Des Sports audience roared and cheered and lit their gazstiks just like at a Rollers gig.

The sell-out audience of 5,500 young French were either still growing their hair or in the case of the very hip ones - had already heard of punk rock and were trimming it off. They were mostly still at school.

The opening number was a traditional Tangerine Dream piece - very lyrical and with organ sounds which filled the huge geodesic dome with tumbling images of gothic cathedrals. They built up on a piece from "Stratosfear", playing the recognisable melody in an every-changing organ and trumpet keyboard setting over a bass and drums rhythm section.

The second number opened with Edgar Froese doing much Chopin-like jangling on the grand piano which developed into something very loud and rhythmic. Those members of the audience who tried to clap along with the rhythm computer ran into trouble very quickly - trying to do things like that can make your brain fall out.

A pleasant pall of pot smoke hung over the proceedings, moving in little waves and eddies as bass notes punched into it from the speakers.
It was very much like sitting in at a recording studio, the action on stage consisted largely of three dimly-lit figures turning the odd knob and sometimes reaching over to maybe pull a switch that was until Edgar got up and did a duck walk with his guitar.

The people sitting on the floor stood up reverently. The volume was pinning back people's ears even in this huge hall. The rolling waves of stereo echoes built to a pitch where they could go no more, and it was at that point that Peter Baumann actually stood up.

I know this is a bit much for you to believe but he did. He stood up and took a microphone and he screamed into it.

The massive consoles of their synthesizers kept ticking away, red lights flashing, playing the music-as the pair of them wandered about the stage just like a heavy metal rock group. Presumably Chris Franke will soon have a drum kit hidden behind his synthi to bring out on such occasions in the future.

It was very rhythmic, one of the multi-beats was like someone beating on an aircraft wing with a sledgehammer. Peter introduced the second part in English, odd considering the group is German and we were in Paris.
The set was longer and much more varied than their Fairfield Hall gig and the sound was much clearer. The audience went nuts and demanded two encores.

The musical structures they build these days are like closely woven fabric into which they insert little grace notes which, at the enormous volume they use, sound like bubbles breaking on the molten surface of an active volcano.

The Egyptians, the Aztecs and the ancient Irish all thought, that the right combination of notes would cause stones to levitate. The Tangs must have had something like this in mind. The small bones in my ear won't forget this gig for a while - nor the Fairfield Hall one.

Chris explained to me why the London concert was so loud - it was 120db at the back of the hall (many years later Edgar said they reached 133db) - "Our stage monitors must have had something wrong and so we kept raising the PA level just to hear what we were doing." I don't really believe that, but that's their story.

The next move is obviously to get some kind of visual display. Edgar confirmed this. "It's time that we had some visual excitement, a light show, a movie or something. The music is ready for it." There was a party afterwards, held at La Nouba, a tacky nightclub which spans the autoroute Du Sud near Orly Airport.

The G'stringed disco dancers stopped dancing on the tables and the French Go-Go record biz set stopped doing the Frug to watch an acutely embarrassed Tangerine Dream receive gold records. They have suddenly become a top group in France. This must be what fame is all about.

Miles, NME. Page 35

Such a wonderful review :D

Such a wonderful recording too. I got it in the post on Wednesday morning from a friend on another band forum, and was absobloodylutely blown away by it! The guitar/shouting duel is amazing! By far and away the best mid 70's recording I've heard.


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:23 pm 
Mr Cox and I did some reviews on the TT discs from 1976

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