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Artist: Tangerine Dream

We are now introducing the new series of DOUBLE CUPDISCS. A wonderful mixture of live and studio tracks will surprise your ears, the "4 p.m. Session" for example is a fully improvised track recorded at the famous (DIETER) DIERKS STUDIOS close to Cologne where Tangerine Dream recorded ALPHA CENTAURI i.e. in former times. The STRANGER THINGS - MAIN THEME cover has already made massive waves by diverse media stating Tangerine Dream's beautiful talent to refine music. Please have a look at the ROLLING STONE mag here:

The second CD contains tracks which are completely recorded at the Schwingungen Festival in Windeck (Germany) in September 2016. Enjoy the sound of the new generation of Tangerine Dream. In eternal memory of Edgar Froese.


Artist: Tangerine Dream


Originally Mr. Klaus Schulze, the well-known contemporary of Edgar Froese and pioneer of electronic music was invited to play in the Szczecin Philharmony (Poland) in June 2016, but unfortunately had to cancel the concert due to his severe state of health. So he suggested Tangerine Dream to perform in his stead, which the band thankfully accepted. The concert took place in a stunningly beautiful location within the framework of the SOUNDLab concert series. This special concert was the first official big concert for the three remaining TD members to perform live within the new period of THE QUANTUM YEARS, the period Edgar Froese, founder and head of Tangerine Dream until his death in January 2015, still had the chance to introduce in Australia in 2014.

Thorsten, Ulrich and Hoshiko chose a series of well-known and popular TD tracks, but also came up with many new arrangements and some very new tracks from their QUANTUM KEY EP. Enjoy listening to a great live concert in Poland in a special atmosphere and with a wonderful audience. Dedicated to Edgar.


Artist: Tangerine Dream


QUANTUM KEY will be the vanguard of the coming QUANTUM GATE album which Thorsten, Ulrich and Hoshiko are currently working on.

Edgar Froese, the head and founder of Tangerine Dream, had the wonderful idea of translating the current knowledge of the quantum physics - which he was very much interested in - into sound and already started this project before his sad death in January 2015. The cupdisc MALA KUNIA was the first music out of "The Quantum Years" series which was published in November 2014 on the occasion of the MMW Festival concert in Melbourne.

It was a great fortune that Edgar still had the chance to discuss his vision with the remaining band members and that Bianca, Edgar's wife, decided to continue with Tangerine Dream. She knew that Thorsten, Ulrich and Hoshiko could face this huge challenge with their beautiful talents. At the same time this task would be a unique chance for the music coming into life. So the band continued developing these musical ideas after Edgar's sudden "change of his cosmic address" and you will have the chance now to listen to some wonderful tracks. In honour of Edgar!


Artist: Tangerine Dream

This is the first album compiled by Bianca Froese-Acquaye (Edgar Froese's wife) after the passing of her husband on 20th January 2015. Edgar's music means the world to her - and especially the tracks of this collection. OUT OF THIS WORLD is one of her ways to honour her husband for his huge life work. She added a very personal 12-page booklet to it and ONE so far unreleased track by Edgar: GANYMEDE'S KISS. Of course this small collection can only reflect a tiny part of Edgar's musical legacy, but it definitely spreads a special, sublime atmosphere - in memory of Edgar Froese and his impressive works.


Artist: Tangerine Dream

20.000 miles from Vienna to Down Under and return. Enjoying a marvelous calm flight with Qantas and Emirates, crossing the outback and the rainforest up to Cairns very north of Australia. Alright, TD did again one of their little adventure tours. What does this all has to do with music? All and everything, because it does reflect our state of consciousness while traveling. The band's new line-up, who gave their first concerts of "The Quantum Years" Down Under, can be heard with the new bandmate Ulrich Schnauss. Of course it was too early to give "The Quantum Years" musically the full speed. Also the final use of the new experimental technology, which is ready to go for Europe next year, could not have been completely set up because of some astronomical cargo costs. But please here is a little note for those fans who always want TD to invent the wheel the second time on each of their new recordings - we're still humans!

You will hear the big pipe organ of the Melbourne Town Hall played by Edgar and Thorsten, as well as some new instruments played by Hoshiko. The whole atmosphere will be different because of the new line-up, even if you will hear some of the well-known TD tunes. In addition to the two CDs containing the Melbourne Town Hall concert, you will find the third CD compiled of the best compositions played in celebration of the two "Sorcerer" concerts performed at the ACMI Melbourne (Australian Centre For The Moving Image) in November, the most modern and soundwise really futuristic equipped cinema which exists in Australia. But that's not all... together with the three CD Set comes a Din A4 XL Booklet (as you already know from the Phaedra Farewell Tour) which will make you a travel and concert companion during TD's visit Down Under. So join us and take a seat for a long travel to the other side of the planet earth.


Artist: Tangerine Dream


So much of new differently arranged and so-called "collector's" compositions have been located at the Eastgate Studios within the last couple of months, so that the decision for the SEVENTH and LAST double CD out of the Booster series was made very easily. The Booster CD's have been a kind of a corner stone within the TD community building some guidelines for those newbies who needed some help where to start discovering the various landmarks of TD's work. Quite a reasonable number of newer compositions have also found their way into the public. But we do not want the Boosters become a racehorse within a series of titles all running against each other. Therefore decision has been made to stop with a last product which simultaneously has some of the best and rare TD compositions from all decades to offer - of course subjectively speaking. Relax, sit back and enjoy a little trip with the TD time machine through a well-known and sometimes strange musical territory.


Artist: Tangerine Dream


During Tangerine Dream's Australian concerts in mid-November we will start shipping the first compositional work of the new line-up comprising Edgar Froese, Ulrich Schnauss, Thorsten Quaeschning and Hoshiko Yamane. It is the format of a so-called Cupdisc (EP) with a running time of nearly 55 minutes and the first product out of "The Quantum Years" series starting on 16th November 2014 with the MMW Festival concert in Melbourne. This cupdisc is named "MALA KUNIA" - the name of two Aboriginal tribes - according to Aboriginal mythology - living ages ago around Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, whereas the Mala tribe lived on the sunny side and the Kunia on the shady side of the rock.

This release will come as a limited edition because it's just the overture to a bigger CD/Vinyl release in early spring 2015.

Enjoy a new creative dimension of Tangerine Dream!


Artist: Tangerine Dream

This new triple live CD which contains all material from Tangerine Dream's recent tour through various places around Europe, will be the last document from this Phaedra Farewell Tour. Even some titles from the gigs on the Caribbean Sea are part of the package. To cover as much images as possible for you to follow the trip on and off stage, we have included a big separate 74 page booklet of high quality. So while listening to the music, you can recall some of the pictures from the shows and also lots of material from the meet and greet backstage. This time we decided not just to record one single concert, we rather wanted to give you the best compilation on the most interesting performances of each of the titles played on various stages. (PS: The physical CD includes a special XL-booklet, the download version does not include this.)


Artist: Tangerine Dream

THE new CUPDISC (EP) "Josephine The Mouse Singer" (length: ca. 35 min) can be downloaded now, for those of you who were unable to attend one of the European "Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014" concerts within the last few weeks and couldn't grap this limited disc. Enjoy a great mixture of five new beautiful and atmospheric tracks. The main track "Josephine The Mouse Singer" - by the way the name of this album is a reminiscence to Kafka's last written short story - was performed in a very special way by Iris Camaa and Hoshiko Yamane during the European Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014.


Artist: Tangerine Dream

SORCERER 2014 is the first live 2CD recording from our new virtual eastgate music & arts music theatre in Vienna. With the quality of a studio sound you will hear the remake of the original analogue version of William Friedkin's 1977 movie SORCERER. On the second CD you will hear material not used for the movie but which has a strong context to the analogue spirit of the time. If you couldn't make it to Copenhagen for the public world premiere, you will have here the virtual theatre version of the same music. Enjoy this adventurous travel with three trucks through the Mexican jungle.


Artist: Tangerine Dream

It was on December 7th, 1977 at 7 pm when Carlos Enduras climbed up his way to the data shelter in the Greenland hills to check a malfunction which occurred on the monitors at the military headquarter near Thule, Greenland's capital. Carlos all in a sudden was confronted by a character whose behaviour was strange and unknown to him as a human being. Sentences of serious concerns did strike him mentally like "You're not even able to understand your own life plans full of confusion and you don't have any knowledge at all about the manifestation of other life forms - how will you identify any data outside the range of your imperfect equipment which is totally useless for the aims of your project?" After a longer conversation, the character disappeared, but offered a second talk next day 7pm, same place up in the mountains of Greenland.

Now this is the continuation of the Chandra story: Part two - exciting and unique music developed from of a mysterious unusual story. Amazing how precise some information has been given about the future of the human race, way beyond pure fiction, reflected by sounds and driving sequences.


Artist: Tangerine Dream

The score for the groundbreaking game GTA 5 was based on the merging of four different artist inputs, a procedure the music supervisor of the game had to follow. Finally it worked perfectly for the game. What has been left out, necessarily to give the game a needed sound dress in its abstract form, is the so-called cinematographic score. Here you will find the music without any other information from the game itself. It's the pure musical environment composed and played solely by Tangerine Dream. Maybe you will recognize a tune or rhythm here and there, but everything is built in the dress of sequencer lines and melodies as it was composed in the first place.


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